JAZZ Recipes

Taste the difference by featuring JAZZ™ apples in your cooking, baking, or salads. We personally love them on their own as a snack, but their balanced tangy- sweet flavours will bring your recipe to the next level.

Looking for some new favourites to add to your list? Check these out and indulge yourself!

JAZZ™ apple and pork meatballs

JAZZ™ apple mug cake

JAZZ™ apple open sandwiches

JAZZ™ apple hot toddy

Honey and almond JAZZ™ apple taco cups

JAZZ™ granola tots

Chocolatey waffles with JAZZ™ apples

JAZZ™ Jar-cuterie

Quick JAZZ™ apple oat bars

JAZZ™ apple with a miso caramel dip

JAZZ™ Apple Maize Meal Tart

JAZZ™ Apple, Fennel and Chicken Traybake

Roasted Pumpkin Soup with JAZZ™ Apple “Crostini”

JAZZ™ Apple and Tahini bread

JAZZ™ Apple on seed loaf

Smoked trout on JAZZ™ snacks

Beans Bunny Chow with Jazz™ Apple & Cucumber Sambal

Caramel Jazz™ Apple Dom Pedro

Pumpkin Fritters with Jazz™ Apples

Boerewors Burgers with Jazz™ Apple Chutney

JAZZ™ Apple and Camembert Focaccia

Hassle-back JAZZ™ apples

JAZZ™ refreshing apple juice

JAZZ™ bobotie rolls with fruity salsa

JAZZ™ infused water

Quesadillas with JAZZ™ apples

JAZZ™ apple smoothie

Indian curry soup with JAZZ™ apples & chicken

JAZZ™ apple mocktail

Madagascan chicken & prawn curry with JAZZ™ apples

JAZZ™ G&T with Musgrave Gin

JAZZ™ Apple & pearled wheat salad with tahini dressing

Roasted Chicken with JAZZ™ Apples and Mustard

Salted Caramel and JAZZ™ Apple Baklava

Walnut Apple Dessert

JAZZ™ Apple Pie Ice-Cream

Sugar Free Apple and Date Cake With Coconut

Apple and Cinnamon Sponge cake

Bacon, Apple Cheddar Grilled Cheese

Cinnamon Sugar Apple Cake

Apple Biscuits

JAZZ™ Apple, Date and Walnut balls

Apple Dream Tart

JAZZ™ Apple and Bran Muffins

JAZZ™ Apple Cheesecake

Pork and JAZZ™ apple sausage logs

Cajun Spiced Fish with JAZZ™ Apple Slaw

JAZZ™ Apple galette with nut frangipane and salted caramel sauce

Chia seed & coconut puddings with JAZZ™ Apples

JAZZ™ Apple Pizza

White Chocolate and Mascarpone Mousse with Raw JAZZ™ Apple Crumble

Jazz Apple and Egg Salad

JAZZ™ Apple and Egg Salad

JAZZ™ Apple and Banana Muffins

Curried JAZZ™ Chicken Salad