1. Where can I find JAZZ™ apples?
JAZZ™ apples are available exclusively from May to August in selected Checkers supermarkets nationwide.

2. Where are the JAZZ™ apples, that I find in South African supermarkets, grown?
All JAZZ™ apples in South Africa are lovingly home grown in our apple growing regions.

3. Why can I not find JAZZ™ apples in my nearest Checkers supermarket?
JAZZ™ apples are seasonal and is available from May to August. If you cannot find it in stores during this period, please ask your fruit and veg manager to get more stock for you.

4. Are jazz™ apples genetically modified organisms (GMOS)?
JAZZ™ apples are free from genetic modification and were born using natural plant-breeding methods.

5. Are JAZZ™ apples nutritious?
JAZZ™ apples don’t just taste great, they’re good for you, too! JAZZ™ apples are a source of fiber, vitamins C and nutrients that can contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Apples are a low-fat food making it an excellent healthy snack for the whole family.

6. Are JAZZ™ apples appropriate for cooking or baking?
JAZZ™ apples make any standard recipe absolutely sensational – click here for a few of our favorites!

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