JAZZ™ Growers

Originating in the beautiful orchards of New Zealand, JAZZ™ apples are now also grown in prime apple growing regions across the globe, including Chile, Europe, Australia, the UK, the USA and of course in the apple growing regions of South Africa.

JAZZ™ apples are responsibly grown under license from ENZA ™ by specially selected growers

Annual investment in Research and Development optimizes growing and storage practices. Technical support to supply chain partners ensures our best practices & stringent quality standards are consistently achieved.

The T&G ™ Global model guarantees that JAZZ™ apples will be consistent in taste, texture and appearance.

Discover our passionate South African growers working hard all-year round to grow the perfect JAZZ™ apple so you always have a refreshing eating experience.



Dutoit Agri has been growing apples since 1922 with 4500 hectares of orchards located in Ceres, the Koue Bokkeveld and Witzenberg Valley in the Western Cape. Growing conditions in these cool, high valleys are perfect for apples. The cool mountain air slows down the ripening process which allows for intense colours, flavours and aromas to develop. This combined with the clean, pure mountain water used in the orchards ensures the highest quality JAZZ™ apples.



With over 100 years’ apple growing experience, the JAZZ™ apple orchards of Ceres Fruit Growers are in good hands. Their orchards are nestled in a valley that is seated 900m above sea level and are surrounded by mountains. This ensures that the trees receive adequate winter chill and the Cape’s famous winter storms are kept at bay.