250 ml (200 g) uncooked pearled wheat
1 bay leaf
750 ml (3 cups) water
a pinch of salt
juice and finely grated rind of 1 lemon
60 ml (¼ cup) olive or avocado oil
1 x 410 g tin cannellini beans, drained
125 ml (½ cup) golden sultanas
125 ml (½ cup) dried cranberries
45 ml (3 tbsp) each roughly torn fresh coriander and mint leaves
2-3 JAZZ™ Apples, with the skin, cut into thin wedges
125 ml (½ cup) sunflower seeds, toasted (see tip)
30 raw, unsalted almonds, coarsely chopped
extra fresh coriander and mint leaves for garnish

Tahini dressing
80 ml (⅓ cup) tahini
30-45 ml (2-3 tbsp) olive or avocado oil
15 ml (1 tbsp) water
5 ml (1 tsp) ground cumin
black pepper to taste
15 ml (1 tbsp) chopped fresh coriander
15 ml (1 tbsp) chopped fresh mint

1. Place pearled wheat, bay leaf, water and salt in a saucepan and bring to the boil over a medium heat.
2. Reduce the heat and simmer with a lid for 30-40 minutes or until just tender, but not mushy.
3. Drain pearled wheat in a colander and rinse well with cold water to keep the wheat loose and fluffy. Spoon into a bowl and stir in the lemon juice, rind and oil. Allow to cool.
4. Dressing: Place tahini in a bowl and stir in the oil, water and cumin. Season with pepper and stir in the fresh herbs. (Add a bit more water or oil to make the tahini dressing as runny as you would prefer it.)
5. Toss beans, sultanas, cranberries and herbs into the pearled wheat and spoon onto a large platter.
6. Arrange apple wedges in little bundles together on the salad, with the beautiful red skin facing upwards.
7. Sprinkle with sunflower seeds and almonds and garnish with extra herbs. Serve with the tahini dressing.

1. Toast sunflower seeds over a medium heat in a dry pan, without any oil, until aromatic, but take care as they burn easily.

By: Heleen Meyer