JAZZ Recipes

Taste the difference by using JAZZ™ apples in your cooking, baking, salads or drinks. We personally love them on their own but if you’re looking for some recipe inspiration, check these recipes out.

JAZZ apple ham and cheese pockets

JAZZ apple parfait

JAZZ apples granola

JAZZ apple smoothie bowl with carrot, beetroot and ginger

JAZZ apple sweet carpaccio

JAZZ apple & sweet potato soup

JAZZ apple turnover

Blackened fish tacos with JAZZ apple and cabbage slaw

JAZZ apple winter power bowl

Hasselback JAZZ apple

JAZZ apple pie biscuits

jazz appel frietjes met caramelsaus

JAZZ apple fries with caramel sauce

Crisp salad with JAZZ apples

JAZZ apple smoothie bowl

Jazz Apple Energy Bars

JAZZ apple fruit salad with mango, melon and mint (served with apple sorbet)

Avocado tower, JAZZ apple and hand-peeled shrimps

Jazz apple, smoked salmon and red radish salad