Meet Our Growers

Passionately working hard all-year round to grow the perfect JAZZ™ apple so you always have a refreshing eating experience.


Chenu (72), Loire Valley, FRANCE

2017 marks a hundred years of the Tessier family tending their land in the Loire Valley. Romain Tessier is 5th generation and his extensive knowledge and passion for apple growing makes him really proud of growing JAZZ™ apples. The daily care and dedication in growing the best possible apples for consumers around the world to enjoy.

“I grow JAZZ™ apples because of their great eating qualities, their crunchiness and their huge storability.

The ‘fruit’ of our work is truly valuable. People love those apples. When I bring JAZZ™ apples to my relatives their reaction is always the same: once they have tried them, they would never have another basic apple for their own consumption.”

“I simply love orcharding and growing JAZZ apples – it’s my passion”

“It’s a wonderful environment to raise your children; being surrounded by a strong community of growers that support each other like family”


Thouars (79), Loire Valley, FRANCE

Yohann’s orchard is located in the West center of France 80 km in the south of Angers – the Loire Valley.

Growing apples for over 35 years, Yohann was so excited about JAZZ™ apples when he was introduced to them 15 years ago that he planted them straight away.

Seeing the vibrant bi-colour of the JAZZ™ apple sparkling on the tree just before harvest is a proud moment for Yahann.

The care and the dedication throughout the year that goes into growing a perfect JAZZ™ apple makes it all worth it though. A personal favourite, Yohann is proud of what he’s achieved with JAZZ™.

“When I show my Jazz orchard just before the harvest, people are always asking me “what is this apple with such a brilliant color?” and they haven’t taste it yet…”


  • IFS

    IFS has been designed as an uniform tool to ensure food safety and to monitor the quality level of producers of retailer branded food products. The standard can apply for all steps of the processing of foods subsequent to their agricultural production. Also we have achieved the IFS certificate 2019.

  • BIO-Certificate

    One step further down the track of environmental friendly fruit growing is the organic category. The growers who choose to go this direction are carefully monitored by BIO-GRO New Zealand to make sure the fruit is grown, packed and handled according strict norms. We are proud to offer our customers fully certified organic apples that comply with current international standards. Our achieved BIO-Certificate is the best proof.