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The Epic Adventure Snack

Whatever the adventure, JAZZ™ apples are perfect to crunch as an on-the-go snack. Bursting with balanced tangy-sweet flavors, JAZZ™ apples give you a fresh, natural lift.

Go For the Taste

JAZZ™ apples have a deliciously distinctive taste. They’re a delightful balance of tangy, juicy, and sweet. And they’ve got that snappy crunch you crave.

Just Right for Everyday Adventures

JAZZ™ apples’ size makes them the perfectly portable, picked-at-the-peak-of-freshness companion for any adventure. They’re packed with pick-me-ups, and a source of vitamins C and fiber. Apples have a low glycemic index for sustained energy to go.

Refreshingly Uplifting

Explore the wonders in each moment and celebrate the differences that makes each of us special with JAZZ™ apples. JAZZ™ gives you a fresh, natural lift just when you need it.

Share in the fun and be in to win!

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The Adventure Continues

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Epic Adventure Snacks

JAZZ™ Epic Adventure Horseshoes

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Keep Exploring

Visit the official SPIRIT UNTAMED site here.

Keep Exploring

Visit the official SPIRIT UNTAMED site here.


With more and more JAZZ™ apples being grown around the world, they are now easier to find and available in supermarkets and stores year-round. Discover where to purchase JAZZ™ apples below.

Please note: Store results are updated every 2 weeks, therefore we can’t guarantee that our apples will be in stock at the time of your visit. If you local store is out of stock, produce managers are pretty cool people and you can specifically request that they carry JAZZ™!