JAZZ™ Growers

Originating in the beautiful orchards of New Zealand, JAZZ™ apples are now also grown in prime apple growing regions across the globe, including Chile, Europe, Australia, the UK and, of course in Washington state, the apple capital of North America!

JAZZ™ apples are responsibly grown under license from ENZA ™ by specially selected growers

Annual investment in Research and Development optimizes growing and storage practices. Technical support to supply chain partners ensures our best practices & stringent quality standards are consistently achieved.

The T&G ™ Global model guarantees that JAZZ™ apples will be consistent in taste, texture and appearance.


Wenatchee, Washington, USA

A growing tradition that began when the McDougall brothers’ great-grandfather first planted pear trees along the mighty Columbia River in the 1890s is carried on today by Scott McDougall, his brother Stuart and nephew Bryon.

The McDougalls were among the first Washington growers to plant JAZZ™ apple trees when they became available in 2004. Scott recalls his early excitement about the chance to produce what has become one of the top 10 apple varieties across the US in less than a decade.

“We all loved the apple—it had this fabulous taste combination of sweet and tart. And we thought JAZZ™ was such a great name,” he said. “JAZZ™ is proving to be one of the best apples there is catching on with consumers and retailers. It really is a wonderful apple; it stores well, and best of all it eats well, with a sweet tart-snap and refreshing crunch that appeals to just about everyone.”


Chelan Valley, North Central Washington, USA

Yum, yum, yum. That’s how Jake Robison describes a JAZZ™ apple picked straight off the tree, its flavor enhanced by perfect conditions found in North Central Washington, where the mild climate curbs intense summer heat and sunlight, and air circulates along the gentle Chelan Valley slopes, naturally protecting trees from frost.

“We treat our JAZZ™ blocks special,” Jake said. “They deserve the extra attention. Leaf removal, using hail or shade cloth if needed, or just returning to the trees to pick every last apple is always worthwhile.”

And what’s even more satisfying? “Seeing the beautiful bright red crop hanging on the trees just before harvest,” Jake said.


Allan Brothers Fruit, Naches, Washington, USA

Now growing JAZZ™ on 140 acres spanning Washington’s Yakima Valley and Columbia Basin, Allan Brothers Fruit, Inc. was among the first to plant trees in U.S. soil in the early 2000s. Travis Allan, a fourth-generation grower-owner, began managing the family orchards of this JAZZ™ apple pioneer upon returning from college.

“We think that JAZZ is an extraordinary apple, with an exceptional taste, a good sweet/tart balance and sensational crunch,” he enthused.

He says the growing area’s rich soil, abundance of irrigated water, warm weather during the season and cool nights—which bring on color and flavor prior to harvest—is the best recipe for producing sensational JAZZ™.


Willowford Alma Alta Orchard, Hawkes Bay, NEW ZEALAND

Phil and Kirsty Greer run a 40 hectare apple orchard in the Hawkes Bay, NZ. When Phil first tasted JAZZ he knew it was going to be a winner and over the years has converted 3/4 of his orchard to Jazz trees.

The Greers have 6 children who have all worked in the orchard at some point – picking, thinning, tractor driving, in their school or university holidays. “It’s a wonderful environment to raise your children; being surrounded by a strong community of growers that support each other like family.”


RJ Flowers Ltd, Twyford, Hawke’s Bay, NEW ZEALAND

Coming from a family of orchardists, both Wendy and John have had a passion for produce from an early age. Ten months old and sitting in a fruit box watching his grandfather on the grader was John’s first exposure to the produce industry and growing up in that environment has given him an everlasting love of horticulture.

Wendy’s father, Ron owned and worked the land in Twyford. John and Wendy, having met and fallen in love as young horticulture cadets, worked with Ron to help grow the business by focusing solely on growing fruit – predominantly JAZZ™ and Envy™ and, also pears.

John and Wendy’s passion, determination and love of produce can be seen in the beautiful fruit they produce.


Moana Orchards, Tasman, Nelson, NEW ZEALAND

For over a century, four generations of Rowling family have been growing apples from their land which borders the Moutere Inlet between Tasman and Motueka. The family grows 80 hectares of apples and 10 hectares of pears.

Oliver Rowling was born and bred in the Nelson region and now operates the orchard which he co-owns with his father, Alan.

“Living on an orchard is a really great playground when you are young. Hard work, dedication, drive and a lot of passion has kept the business going all these years. I believe that if you are passionate about what you do then you will do it well; if you don’t love what you do then don’t do it,” explains Oliver.