Start a new family tradition this fall season and use carved apples for decoration. Look at some inspiration here!


Simply dunk JAZZ™ apples in caramel and watch the spookiness come to life!

Recipe Here

Have fun with Jazz

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JAZZ™ Apple Pops

Have some fun in the kitchen with JAZZ™! Watch our easy to make pops recipe and enjoy these delicious treats.

Recipe Here

JAZZ™ Apple Monsters

JAZZ™ apples have a delicious tangy-sweet distinctive taste. Bite into our JAZZ™ apple monsters for a healthier kind of snack.

Recipe Here

JAZZ™ Apple Mummies

Looking for the perfect party treat? JAZZ™ apple mummies are simple, creative and made with fruit. That’s a win!

Recipe Here

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With more and more JAZZ™ apples being grown around the world, they are now easier to find and available in supermarkets and stores year-round. Discover where to purchase JAZZ™ apples below.

Please note: Store results are updated every 2 weeks, therefore we can’t guarantee that our apples will be in stock at the time of your visit. If you local store is out of stock, produce managers are pretty cool people and you can specifically request that they carry JAZZ™!