You’ve heard it time and time again… breakfast is the most important meal of the day; isn’t it time we treat it that way? Baked in muffins, sprinkled on smoothie bowls, or sauteed into a marmalade, there’s nothing better than starting your day with an always refreshing JAZZ™ apple. Full of antioxidants, vitamins, and beneficial fiber, they’re the perfect fuel for a day of school, work, or fun! Whether you enjoy your breakfast in bed, at the kitchen table, or on-the-go, be sure to include JAZZ™!

JAZZ™ Apple Pie Granola

Start your morning off right with a protein-packed yogurt parfait full of fall flavour. Sweet candied pecans, pumpkin spice, and brown sugar are perfectly paired with a crunchy tangy-sweet JAZZ™ apple!

Overnight Maple  JAZZ™ Apple Oats

In a hurry? Pack these JAZZ™ apple oats for a nutritious breakfast on-the-go. They’re easy to make ahead of time and full of crunchy flavour!

JAZZ™ Apple Smoothie Bowl

Get ready for your morning jog, bike, or hike with a smoothie bowl! This power-packed breakfast bowl combines JAZZ™ apples, a banana, kale, and spinach to start your day on the right foot!

WARNING: The following delicious JAZZ™ apple breakfast recipes may not necessarily keep the doctor away, but they will become the apple of your eye.

JAZZ™ Apple Bacon Marmalade

In the morning, nothing sounds or smells better than sizzling bacon! Pair that craving with sensational JAZZ™ apples and a stack of flapjacks.

Mini Chocolate JAZZ™ Apple Muffins

Who doesn’t like chocolate? Treat yourself to a sweet chocolate and apple muffin and tackle any challenge the day may throw at you. Please, have an extra muffin. And for brownie points, pair these muffins with your pumpkin spiced latte to complete the perfect fall breakfast treat!

Running late? Grab a perfectly portable JAZZ™ apple and your favorite peanut butter as you head out the door!

Whether you’re strapping on boots, sliding on flip-flops, putting on heals, or lacing up gym shoes, don’t forget to start your day the JAZZ™ way!