With spring here and summer quickly approaching, we can’t help but get outside! The sun is shining, the grass is turning green, and the flowers are all in bloom; it’s our favorite time of the year. Especially because it means more time on the golf course. Did you see Tiger’s comeback at the Masters!? It got us fired up for a few rounds of golf and the food needed to refuel throughout the day! For your next golf outing, skip the over-priced burger at the country club and enjoy these perfectly portable JAZZ™ apple recipes!

A round of 18 holes takes some time and you need to make sure you are fueled for the friendly competition on every hole – our JAZZ™ apple and peanut butter protein bars do just that! You have to try our sweet-tart JAZZ™ apple paired with peanut butter and chocolate, and full of protein to power your long (and hopefully straight) tee shot with your new driver!

JAZZ™ Apple & Peanut Butter Protein Bars

Golf and trail mix go together like peanut butter and JAZZ™ apples! Take your trail mix (and your game) to the next level with our dried JAZZ™ apple trail mix! Our tangy sweet dried apple mixed in with salty snacks and M&Ms make for the perfect treat on the back 9!

Dried JAZZ™ Apple Trail Mix

When you’re playing golf, it’s hard to have a full-blown fancy lunch. With JAZZ™, you can make sure that you’re able to get in quick bites before tough shots! Our JAZZ™ apple ham and cheese pockets are bite-sized sandwiches that are not only delicious, but incredibly easy to prepare and pack for your day on the links!

JAZZ™ Apple Ham and Cheese Pockets

After a long day on the course – win, lose, or draw you have to have a drink with the group you played with; it’s a rule! Our JAZZ™ apple and citrus bourbon nightcap is oh-so refreshing and the perfect reward after all your hard work. Not to mention, the citrus combined with JAZZ’s tangy-sweet flavour is a match made in heaven. This will be your new go-to after a round of golf!

JAZZ Apple & Citrus Bourbon Nightcap

Like we said before, the sun is out, the sky is clear, and we are surrounded by green (no pun intended); golf is back! Make sure to get out and play with your family and friends and take advantage of the awesome weather. Don’t forget to include JAZZ™ for your next lunch on the links!

Not a fan of eating a meal on the course? Our perfectly portable whole JAZZ™ apples are ideal for any outdoor activity! Enjoy!