1 JAZZ™ apple per person

1/2 cup Red Hot cinnamon candies per apple



This simple cinnamon baked apple is sure to delight your campfire friends. Make sure you have a lovely campfire going, or you could also place these on a grill or even bake it in your oven.

Begin by coring the center of the apple (coring means you’re removing the stem and seeds from the center of the apple, effectively leaving a hole). Start from the stem on top, do not to break through the base of the apple.

Into the “hole” of the cored apple, fill the apple to the top with cinnamon candies.

Wrap in foil generously and place next to the fire. Rotate the apple constantly ensuring its well cooked on all sides. After about 10 minutes remove the apple from the fire.

Let cool and ENJOY your cinnamon baked apple!