The cold is here (no doubt)! As we travel towards the end of the year and jump into 2019, we look forward to finding new ways to get outdoors and explore… especially in the snow! From skiing and snowboarding to ice skating and a good old-fashioned snow ball fight, it’s time to celebrate the weather with a snow day! We even have some tasty treats to make your snow day all the more sensational. After all, JAZZ™ apples are the ultimate adventure buddy!

Whether you’re headed up to the mountains with old friends, snowshoeing with a loved one, or simply crafting the best snowman in the front yard, we have some mouth-watering recipes to power you through the cold!

Before you head up the mountain to shred in some fresh powder, make sure you fuel up! Packed with protein, our overnight maple JAZZ™ apple oats are sure to keep you energized throughout the day and they are incredibly easy to make! Did I mention that they are also delicious? The delectable JAZZ™ apple with oats, maple syrup, Greek yogurt, and cinnamon make for a healthy breakfast but taste oh-so sinful!

Overnight Maple JAZZ™ Apple Oats

When you find a nice rest stop somewhere scenic, take a break and enjoy lunch with our turkey & JAZZ™ apple stuffed croissants. This is sure to be your new favorite sandwich; the tangy mustard paired with smoked gouda, crisp JAZZ™ apples, and stuffed with turkey to fuel your body for finishing the snowman, walk, or boarding session!

Turkey & JAZZ™ Apple Stuffed Croissants

After spending the day in the snow, it is time to dry off, bundle up, and get warm! There’s no better way to warm yourself up than with our JAZZ™ apple and citrus bourbon nightcap. Smooth bourbon paired with a little bit of a zing from the citrus and JAZZ™ apple tastes goes down smooth and is essential for a sensational day spent in the snow!

JAZZ™ Apple & Citrus Bourbon Nightcap

We encourage you to take advantage of the snowy days as we get deeper and deeper into Winter. Snow days are some of the best days and they are meant to be spent with those you care for. This past weekend, a few members of our JAZZ™ team rode up to the mountain and embraced the cold as they skied, ate, and laughed all day.  Use our scrumptious and fun recipes for your next snowy day and it’s guaranteed to be sensational; it worked for us!