It’s March and if you’re a sports fan like us, that means one thing: March Madness. Anyone who watches sports knows how special March Madness is. It’s the one tournament where there is almost guaranteed to be a Cinderella-story. And who doesn’t love a Cinderella-story with an incredible upset? There’s always some small school from the middle of the country with all walk-ons that take down a top ranked opponent and shock the world (and maybe themselves). It’s classic David and Goliath! It is so fun to watch these young, talented athletes compete with all their might and leave everything on the court.

For a tournament of such magnitude, with multiple games going on at once, all day every day; you need nutritious snacks to power you through your day. A perfectly portable, tangy-sweet JAZZ™ apple will ALWAYS do the trick! Whether you watch your team play in class during a lecture, in your cubicle when your boss isn’t around, or at home with your fur (or real!) babies, we have the snacks to keep you going through every game. From turkey & JAZZ™ apple croissants to apple bacon chili, follow along to power through March Madness.

The only real drag about March Madness are the early morning games. But your snack doesn’t have to be a drag! Fuel your AM tip-off with Overnight Maple JAZZ™ Apple Oats. A crunchy JAZZ™apple and granola will surely lead to a good day and maybe even an underdog upset.

Overnight Maple JAZZ™ Apple Oats

Now for the afternoon games, it is vital that you eat a healthy and hearty lunch to avoid the mid-day exhaustion. Our turkey & JAZZ apple stuffed croissants are not only hearty and healthy, but are delicious. Plus, they’re super easy to make!

Turkey and JAZZ™ Apple Stuffed Croissants

Everybody knows on any game day, it’s critical to have something to munch on. Our dried JAZZ™ apple trail mix fits the bill! A tangy twist on your typical trail mix, our dried apple trail mix is nutritious and oh-so tasty. Snack on!

Dried JAZZ™ Apple Trail Mix

For the evening games, we all know you don’t want to miss any part of the game spending too much time preparing dinner. Our JAZZ™ apple and bacon chili is simple to make and super tasty, so you can spend more time watching your alma-mater knock off Duke.

JAZZ™ Apple & Bacon Chili

It’s an exciting time to be a sports fan and as a March Madness fan, you need to prepare yourself for the nail-biting moments, the anxiety of second-half basketball, and the elation of victory! For more JAZZ™ apple recipes to fuel your everyday, click here!