Perfectly portable, satisfyingly sweet, and full of beneficial fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants, JAZZ™ apples are the ideal back-to-school brain food. Baked into peanut butter pumpkin bread, tossed in pasta salad, or dipped in peanut butter (PB&JAZZ for the win!), JAZZ™ apples are a sensational way to enhance your school lunch! Scroll below for a few of our lunch time favourites!

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JAZZ™ Apple Ham and Cheese Pockets

Who needs fast food when you’ve got delicious, yet simple, sliders FULL of FLAVOR? These pockets are packed with always refreshing JAZZ™ apples, sweet honey smoked ham, and cheddar cheese, topped with mayo and mustard. Yes, please!

Balsamic JAZZ™ Apple Pasta Salad

Full of JAZZ™ apples, fusilli pasta, fresh veggies, and herbs, this pasta salad will definitely have you looking forward to lunch time! Prepare a big batch on Sunday and have it for lunch all week long!

JAZZ™ Apple Grilled Cheese

Jazz up your go-to grilled cheese recipe with JAZZ™ apples! Combined with creamy gouda cheese and sourdough bread, you’ll fall in love with this fresh take on the grilled cheese sandwich.

JAZZ™ Apple & Cranberry Chicken Salad

There’s nothing like a homemade chicken salad sandwich for lunch! Full of fresh fruits and veggies, tossed in a creamy vinaigrette, and served over toast, this recipe is to-die-for! Plus, it’s packed with protein to keep you focused all day long!

Peanut Butter & JAZZ™ Apple Pumpkin Bread

Every school lunch needs a sweet treat! And what better way to celebrate the fall semester than with peanut butter and JAZZ™ apple pumpkin bread! Full of flavour and fresh JAZZ™ apples, this sweet snack is sure to satisfy!