This quick and easy idea for serving fruit is bound to be a hit with the family, as kids can help with the preparations and assembly, and you can be sure they’re getting plenty of goodness too. You can use any fruit you like, depending on your children’s preferences, and you can make a whole range of dips, drizzles or sauces to jazz up your kebab sticks, based on what you have available in the fridge, store cupboard and fruit bowl.

Recipe by To Become Mum
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Ingredients (makes 4 kebabs with sauces)

2 JAZZ™ Apples
1 medium punnet mixed exotic fruit
1 medium punnet mixed berries
1 mango
Chocolate buttons (any kind)
Mousse (any flavour)
Yoghurt (optional)
Sprinkles (optional)


  • Wash all pieces of fresh, unprepared fruit and set to one side.
  • Prepare the sauces that will accompany your kebabs first so that the fruit stays nice and fresh.
  • Use a hand blender/mixer to puree the mango, and continue until you have no lumps. To make this more of a drizzle, add a little fruit juice (any will do) to create a thinner consistency. Pour into a pot or dish.
  • Then blend a handful of raspberries and the same of berries together. Pour into a pot or dish.
  • Place two handfuls of chocolate buttons in a plastic container and put in the microwave, on a low setting, for 30 seconds. Check, and repeat if the chocolate still needs time to melt into a creamy chocolate sauce.
  • Scoop out the mousse and /or yoghurt and squeeze some whipped cream into separate pots.
  • Now, start chopping your JAZZ™ Apples. Leave the skin on for extra goodness, or peel first; then core them, slice into quarters and then into 1.5-2cm chunks.
  • Assemble your fruit kebabs, alternating each fruit as you go along. This is a fun thing for kids to try, with supervision and you can create your kebab exactly how you like it.
  • Tuck into the sauces! Dip the fruit in, pour a little puddle of sauce on a plate or drizzle the mango or raspberry and blueberry sauce over the top. Add sprinkles, of chocolate curls or hundreds and thousands for an extra special touch.