Meet Our Growers

Passionately working hard all-year round to grow the perfect JAZZ™ apple so you always have a refreshing eating experience.


Monks Farm, Norton, North Kent, UNITED KINGDOM

Simon Bray owns a 39 hectare orchard and is a 3rd generation apple grower. With over 30 years apple growing experience comes a great passion to grow the best apples he can grow. Winning the ‘Nation’s Tastiest Apple’ at the 2014 National Fruit Show, Simon Bray is certainly achieving his goal.
“This amazing apple variety – it’s the “special one” of the orchard. Jazz has all the attributes a grower wants and when it comes to taste – people absolutely love it. I’m always really proud listening to consumers’ comments at the BBC Good Food Show.
The JAZZ apple store really well – even just in the fruit bowl. I love JAZZ apples fresh and can highly recommend it on as a perfect accompaniment to a cheese board.”

“When it comes to taste – people absolutely love it.”


Willowford Alma Alta Orchard, Hawke's Bay, NEW ZEALAND

Phil and Kirsty Greer run a 40 hectare apple orchard in the Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. When Phil first tasted JAZZ, he knew it was going to be a winner and over the years has converted 3/4 of his orchard to Jazz trees.
The Greers have 6 children who have all worked in the orchard at some point - picking, thinning, tractor driving, in their school or university holidays. “It's a wonderful environment to raise your children; being surrounded by a strong community of growers that support each other like family.”

“It was an easy decision to begin growing JAZZ 11 years ago.  JAZZ has fantastic eating experience, reliability and an ability to store well.


Braiseworth, North Suffolk, UNITED KINGDOM

For nearly a quarter of a Century, Jeremy Linsell has been growing apples. Jeremy’s Grandfather had an orchard on his farm so orcharding is in his blood.
Jeremy’s 22 hectare orchard is in the tiny parish of Braiseworth, near the town of Eye in North Suffolk.
“It was an easy decision to begin growing JAZZ™ 11 years ago. JAZZ™ has fantastic eating experience, reliability and an ability to store well.
It’s hard work to ensure the thinning, pruning and nutrition of the trees are done to a very high standard. But it’s all worth it to make sure our customers are receiving apples of a fantastic eating experience. Those hard hours of care and attention are all worth it when you hear the positive feedback when someone tastes their first JAZZ™. I’m yet to hear anything negative.”


The Rowling Family

Moana Orchards, Tasman, Nelson, NEW ZEALAND

For over a century, four generations of Rowling family have been growing apples from their land which borders the Moutere Inlet between Tasman and Motueka. The family grows 80 hectares of apples and 10 hectares of pears.
Oliver Rowling was born and bred in the Nelson region and now operates the orchard which he co-owns with his father, Alan.
“Living on an orchard is a really great playground when you are young. Hard work, dedication, drive and a lot of passion has kept the business going all these years. I believe that if you are passionate about what you do then you will do it well; if you don’t love what you do then don’t do it,” explains Oliver.