Recipe by Tiffany Tangen

Ingredients (Makes 1 drink)

1 JAZZ™ Apple – peeled and chopped
Half a handful of frozen blueberries
12 leaves of mint
50ml of gin
30ml of lime (you can add 50ml if you like your cocktail extra sour)
30ml of honey
Cubed ice
For decoration
1 sprig of mint
Cubed ice


Place your chopped JAZZ™ Apple into a cocktail shaker with the blueberries and muddle.

Place your mint leaves in one hand, and slap the mint with the other. This brings out the flavour. Place the slapped mint into the shaker.

Add your gin, lime and honey into the shaker. Add cubed ice until the shaker is full.

Shake well until the cocktail shaker is too cold to hold – this means the cocktail is ready to serve. You should have a little foam.

Add cubed ice to a cocktail glass. Pour the shaken mixture through a strainer into the glass. Decorate with your sprig of mint.