With the Olympics now in full swing and new Team GB heroes being made in Japan, we thought we’d chat to our ambassador and Olympian Jazz Carlin to get her top tips.

What was the most important thing about your diet when you were an Olympian?

The most important thing about my diet was to make sure I was fuelled enough for every session and getting in recovery. I used to try and get in a high protein source after training (Greek yoghurt with apples and berries). I tried to keep my plates of food as colourful as possible, with lots of fruit and veg.

What should you eat to improve your athletic performance?

I would always struggle to eat before morning training, as we used to start at 6.45. So, I’d normally have a JAZZ™ Apple and a cereal bar every morning. I think there is no magic recipe to nutrition, it’s about doing the small things really well. Staying on top of hydration – I try and drink 3 litres of water every day. Having a balanced diet with lots of fruit and veg and getting in enough protein post-training. My go-to was a yoghurt with high protein (20-25g). My favourite snack before training was a bagel with peanut butter and sliced apple.

How about recovery – what are your top diet tips?

Recovery is such an important part of training, as you are preparing for the next day or training session. Make sure you drink enough fluids to replace those that you’ve lost in the session and have some protein post-training to help your muscles recover.

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