Following our involvement in the British Heart Foundation’s Bournemouth Pier to Pier Swim last month, we spoke to JAZZ™ Apple Ambassador and Olympian Jazmin “Jazz” Carlin to get her top tips to help swimmers get even faster in the water.

Jazz is a former GB swimmer and won Double Olympic Silver at the Rio Games so definitely knows a thing or two about how to improve your swimming skills. Since retiring from the sport, Jazz is now a motivational speaker, media personality and also runs her own ‘Swim with Jazz’ programme, where she passes on her knowledge and expertise to the next generation of young swimmers.

Jazz’s Top Tips

  • Get fuelled enough for every session
  • There’s no magic recipe to nutrition, it’s about doing the small things really well
  • Stay on top of hydration
  • Have a balanced diet with lots of fruit and veg
  • Don’t forget about your recovery

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