One of the key aims behind launching the JAZZ™ Apple Foundation was to support young people in achieving their future goals so we’re thrilled to announce that Daisy Lamb is the latest superstar to be given an award.

Thirteen-year-old Daisy dreams of becoming a professional dancer and currently spends 15 hours a week training in order to continually improve her technique and skills. Despite her busy schedule, Daisy still offers her time as a teaching assistant to help younger ballet dancers find their feet so is a fantastic role model too.

Daisy has been recognised for her talents and has been offered a place at the prestigious dance school – The Hammond – where she will look to take the next step in her fledgling career. When we heard that Daisy was in need of help with equipment costs, we were more than happy to offer our support and look forward to watching her progress in the future.

If you’d like to apply for a JAZZ™ Apple Foundation award or know someone who should, visit the JAZZ™ Apple Foundation page and download an application form. We’re always looking to support worthy causes that are important to you.


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