Whether you’re a big football fan, enjoy the clever commercials, or participate just for the food, everyone has something to look forward to when the Big Game comes around. This year, we’re in it for the food and for good reason – we’ve got something sensational up our sleeves!

Since fried, baked, and bland seem to be the standard at most Big Game parties, we decided to jazz it up. How exactly? With the always refreshing JAZZ™ apple, of course, piled high with everyone’s favorite nut butters and toppings galore. Plus, with little-to-no prep time and enough variety to satisfy even the most demanding sweet tooth, we have no doubt this Big Game PB&JAZZ™ Bar will score a lot of points.

From our Triple Chocolate JAZZ to classic combinations like S’mores and Trail Mix, here are some winning PB+JAZZ™ mixtures you have to try!

Triple Chocolate

JAZZ™ + Nutella + Oreo Cookie Crumbs + Dark Chocolate Chips

Butterfinger Bliss

JAZZ™ + Peanut Butter + Butterfinger bits


JAZZ™ + Nutella + Marshmallows + Graham Cracker Crumbs

Good Morning

JAZZ™ + Almond Butter + Granola + Raisins

Trail Mix

JAZZ™ + Peanut Butter + M&Ms + Salted Peanuts + Raisins

Chocolate Coconut

JAZZ™ + Nutella + Dark Chocolate Chips + Shredded Toasted Coconut

Date Nut JAZZ

JAZZ™ + Almond Butter + Pistachios + Chopped Dates

Salty Monkey

JAZZ™ + Peanut Butter + Banana Chips + Pretzels


JAZZ™ + Nutella + Toffee + Pecans

Let us know which PB+JAZZ™ combo is your favorite by posting your creation to Instagram and tagging @jazzappleus!