Before you know it, St. Patrick’s Day will be here. Yes, that  St. Patty’s Day. Does anybody really know what it celebrates? Or is it just a day where everyone wears green and drinks Guinness? In case you didn’t know, St. Patty’s day celebrates the great historic Irish culture and particularly remembers St. Patrick, who helped to minister Christianity in Ireland during the fifth century. The best part? No matter where you come from, we can all celebrate together.

We love this holiday so much because it brings together so many different people from different backgrounds and that is special. Plus, there’s no better way to celebrate this day than with good food and cold drinks. From our pork tenderloin with JAZZ™ apple and onion marmalade to our apple and citrus bourbon (or Irish Whiskey) nightcap, we’ve got exactly what you need for a festive and fun day!

To fuel the long day of festivities, it’s important to carb-up! Our JAZZ™ apple potato salad will do the trick! I mean, who doesn’t love a rich and tasty potato salad? Add the crisp and tangy-sweet JAZZ™ apple and we have one heck of a combination on our hands!

JAZZ™ Apple Potato Salad

Life is all about balance, that’s exactly why we decided to incorporate a healthy dish for St. Patty’s Day! Our butter glazed carrots & JAZZ™ apples taste like a treat but is packed full of beneficial fiber and vitamins! It’s also super simple to make, so obviously a must-try!

Butter Glazed Carrots & JAZZ™ Apples

For the most memorable St. Patty’s day feast, it’s essential that you make the following recipe. Seriously, thank us later… Our JAZZ™ apple + corn spoonbread with homemade apple butter is TO DIE FOR!

JAZZ™ Apple + Corn Spoonbread with Homemade Apple Butter

For your main course of the feast, indulge in our pork tenderloin with JAZZ™ apples and onion marmalade! Tender and juicy pork tenderloin with the sensational JAZZ™ apple and a savory onion marmalade makes for a killer meal to fuel you well into the night!

Pork Tenderloin with JAZZ™ Apple & Onion Marmalade

The only proper way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day is with a solid drink; after all, we don’t want to let the Irish down! Close out your St. Patty’s with something a little stiff. Our JAZZ™ apple and citrus Bourbon (or Irish Whiskey, to be festive) nightcap goes down smooth and is oh-so tasty!

JAZZ™ Apple & Citrus Bourbon (or Irish Whiskey) Nightcap

We hope that everyone has an incredible St. Patrick’s Day and enjoys celebrating with friends and family! We know one thing is for sure: if you celebrate with these recipes, you’ll definitely have a feast worthy of such a fun day! Enjoy!