With Halloween comes frightening festivities, creepy costumes, and terrifyingly tasty treats. It’s the one night of the year where we can all dress-up like monsters and superheroes while indulging in cauldrons full of candy and devilish desserts. Since it’s one of our favorite holidays, we’ve created some sensational spooky snacks to satisfy your sweet-tooth! From White Chocolate JAZZ™ Apple Mummies to Roasted JAZZ™ Apple Rice Crispy Treats, these recipes are no trick and all treat, and make the perfect addition to your next Halloween party!

We’re not only celebrating Halloween, but fall harvest, too! That’s right, it’s harvest season for JAZZ™ apples grown in the United States. By the end of October, you’ll be seeing NEW crop JAZZ™ apples at a store near you! Click here to see where you can get your hands on the tangy-sweet JAZZ™ sensation!

White Chocolate JAZZ™ Apple Mummies

These White Chocolate JAZZ™ Apple Mummies will certainly serve as a spooky, fun, and easy-to-make Halloween snack! The apples covered in chocolate make for a match made in heaven, but on Halloween they taste oh-so sinful.

Peanut Butter & JAZZ™ Apple Pumpkin Bread


Okay let’s be honest, it’s not really Halloween without a little pumpkin right? Get in the Halloween spirit with this Peanut Butter & JAZZ™ Apple Pumpkin Bread! This pumpkin bread is guaranteed to disappear quickly, so feel free to double (or triple) the recipe!

Roasted JAZZ™ Apple Rice Crispy Treats

Re-create a traditional snack with the always-refreshing JAZZ™ apple! These roasted apple rice crispy treats are terrifyingly tasty and will keep guests coming back for more.

Cinnamon JAZZ™ Apple Dumplings with Cream Cheese Drizzle

Flaky croissants stuffed with cinnamon covered JAZZ™ Apples and marshmallows, drizzled with melted cream cheese icing; c’mon that sounds scary good! No pun intended. For extra brownie points, decorate your dumplings so they look like ghosts to create a scare!

Campfire Cinnamon JAZZ™ Apple Bake

After the trick-or-treating, relax around the fire pit and indulge in a Cinnamon JAZZ™ Apple Bake. This is a Halloween favorite that will calm any scared child (or parent) with the explosive flavours that only this can provide after a candy overdose.

At JAZZ™, we plan to spend our holiday enjoying these sweet yet oh-so spooky treats and celebrating our US harvest season! We hope that everyone has a safe, spooky, and sensational Halloween!