As you may already know, JAZZ™ is a 2019 National Color Run sponsor and we couldn’t be more excited! From California to New York and everywhere in-between, The Color Run crew is bringing the happiest 5k on the planet to a city near you. The best part? We’ll be passing out perfectly portable JAZZ™ apples to fuel the fun, before AND after you run! So dust off your gym shoes, start training, and arrive with an appetite – it’s time to join the #JAZZsensation.

JAZZ™ apples don’t just taste great, they’re good for you, too. Every JAZZ™ apple is full of fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. The perfect pre- and post-run snack, if you ask us. Because let’s face it, what sounds more refreshing than the tangy-sweet, juicy invigoration only JAZZ™ apples can deliver after a solid 3.1 mile run?

We’re already halfway through the year, which means there’s only about 25 events left! Will we see you there? Better yet, will you stop by our booth to join the #JAZZsensation? For a list of upcoming event dates and locations, click here! We hope to see you soon!