We love a good love story AND a good party. Earlier this year, we heard about one and were able to help out with the other, thanks to a first-of-its-kind email from Jill Miller.

Jill reached out to tell us about her husband, Avrum’s JAZZ™ habit that doesn’t simply end with eating one of the crisp, tangy apples. Avrum created a game with the leftover JAZZ™ sticker from each apple, hiding it around the house for Jill to find while he was at work and to serve as a small, but sweet love note each day. “I found them throughout the kitchen, on the telephone, the computer keyboard… you name it!” Jill told us.

So, with Avrum’s 60th birthday approaching, Jill planned to pull out all the stops for his party and declare 60 reasons why she loves him… complete with JAZZ™ apple stickers! We were thrilled when Jill asked for our help, and sending a roll of stickers for a giant sign was the least we could do for a pair of true JAZZ™ apple enthusiasts. Guests were also encouraged to get in on the game and place stickers all across the venue throughout the night. Now that’s our kind of party.

Thanks, Jill, for sharing your sweet story with us, and happiest of birthdays, Avrum! Here’s to your best year yet – one that’s full of joy and JAZZ™ apples (which we’re even happier to help with). Watch for our gift coming your way soon… bet you can guess what it is!