Teachers are awesome… can I get an AMEN?!?

We love teachers for so many reasons – reasons that extend beyond simply introducing us to reading, writing, and arithmetic. From providing us with perfectly timed encouragement, to inspiring our life-long passions (and even delivering some well-deserved discipline from time to time… or many times), most everyone has at least one teacher who made a positive difference in her/his life.

We’re also not mad that, for centuries, apples have been gifted to teachers by their students. I mean, we ARE apple growers, after all. The tradition has a few origin stories floating around the internet. While many of them probably have some merit, we especially like the theory that apples are the fruit of the “Tree of Knowledge” and are presented to teachers to show appreciation for the knowledge that they impart. Makes sense to us since we’ve heard that, in addition to keeping the doctor away, a JAZZ™ a day can also deliver straight A’s.

Look at all those Trees of Knowledge ready for harvest in Washington state!

In celebration of Teacher Appreciation Day, we want to hear your stories about the teachers who made an impact on you. Share your story by clicking here and completing the form by Sunday, October 15, 2017, and you’ll be entered to win a shipment of fresh-picked JAZZ™ apples from Washington state for you AND your favorite teacher. We can’t wait to hear from you. And, to all the teachers out there, we appreciate you!

Want to go the extra mile for your or your kids’ #1 teacher? No doubt he/she will LOVE these tasty dishes that are chock full of “knowledge”: