It’s no secret I spend quite a bit of time traveling in my camper van. It has become my home away from home – the perfect getaway – and helps me cut loose between the hectic schedules of television and yacht charters. In fact, road trips are a big part of my lifestyle, which make healthy snacks even more important.

I feel like there is a major disconnect between traveling and eating healthy. Why do we feel the need to eat junk food, take out, chips, and candies when on a road trip? When traveling, our bodies need healthy fibers and nourishment more than ever. I think of the food I eat on the road as a travelling repair kit of sorts and eating foods that leave me feeling depleted, tired, and sluggish is a huge disservice.

I’ve tried bringing a wide variety of fruits and vegetables on my travels, but finding foods that last a long time unrefrigerated is somewhat challenging. I knew apples lasted for weeks, but once I discovered JAZZ apples, it seems like they never go bad – ideal for this wanderer. Now I keep a large bag of JAZZ apples in my camper van as a steady source of nourishment that I can rely on being fresh for weeks.

Of all the apples a chef can choose from, I choose JAZZ because it hits all the marks: the perfect balance of sweet, tangy, juicy, a satisfyingly thin skin, and it’s always a consistent product. I’m hooked on JAZZ apples, especially my campfire cinnamon apple bake. I’ve gathered a number of quick and easy recipes throughout the years to help me eat well on the go, but this is a favorite.

Campfire Cinnamon Apple Bake


1 JAZZ Apple per person

1/2 cup Red Hot cinnamon candies per apple

You will need:


Knife/apple corer



This simple cinnamon baked apple is sure to delight your campfire friends. Make sure you have a lovely campfire going, or you could also place these on a grill or even bake it in your oven.

Begin by coring the center of the apple (coring means you’re removing the stem and seeds from the center of the apple, effectively leaving a hole). Start from the stem on top, do not to break through the base of the apple.

Into the “hole” of the cored apple, fill the apple to the top with cinnamon candies.

Wrap in foil generously and place next to the fire. Rotate the apple constantly ensuring its well cooked on all sides. After about 10 minutes remove the apple from the fire.

Let cool and ENJOY your cinnamon baked apple!