A great recipe to make with children, these adorable JAZZ™ Apple Bunnies are a tasty addition to any Easter celebration. Easy to make and containing less than five ingredients, they take 15 minutes to prepare and can be decorated in any way you like. Hop to it and give them a try this Easter!

Prep time: 15 minutes

Makes: 10


2-3 JAZZ™ apples

20 Mini Easter eggs

5 original sized marshmallows – halved horizontally

20 white chocolate buttons

Optional: lemon juice or honey


1. Wash JAZZ™ apples and pat dry.

2. Remove cores from 2 apples then slice into 8 even sized rounds, about 4-5 per apple.

3. Core and cut the remaining apple in half – cut one half into thin wedges to make the ears

4. Cut the other half into thin sticks for whiskers and thicker slices to make teeth.

5. Arrange the apple discs onto a platter and add two wedges to make the ears.

6. Pop two matching mini-Easter eggs on for the eyes.

7. Arrange one half marshmallow for the nose and two white chocolate buttons for the chubby cheeks.

8. Use the thicker slices with skin side showing to make little rectangles for the teeth and the thin sticks to make whiskers.

9. Serve immediately or brush the surface of the apple with lemon juice or honey