The waiting is over as we’re delighted to reveal that new season UK grown JAZZ™ Apples have arrived in stores and markets up and down the country. With JAZZ™ being one of the later varieties to crop, we know you’ve all had to wait a little longer to sample your first but we promise you they will be worth the wait.

As well as being grown in ten countries around the world such as Australia, France, Italy, USA, Chile and New Zealand, JAZZ™ Apples have also been grown in the UK for over 12 years now in the Kent, Herefordshire, Suffolk and Sussex counties. Supplying you with JAZZ™ Apples all year round is vital for us, which is why we import from other countries at times, but we love it even more when the ones you eat have been lovingly tended to by our expert growers.

A huge amount of credit has to go to our legion of growers as it takes a lot of care and attention to grow the perfect JAZZ™ Apple so we couldn’t be more thankful for the work they put in all year round.

I’m sure you’ll all agree with us when you’ve chomped down on your first new season JAZZ™ that the hard work has paid off as they’re blooming delicious. Tag the JAZZ™ Apple social media pages when you spot your first UK JAZZ™ Apple in stores and let us know what you think.