It’s been a case of thrice as nice for the JAZZ™ Apple Foundation this month after handing out three awards to three very deserving organisations – Avonmouth C of E Primary School and Nursery, Play Radnor, and the Coombe Girls Parents and Friends Association.

Avonmouth C of E Primary School and Nursery got in touch with the Foundation to request a grant to help install a wooden treehouse for their nursery pupils to encourage good mental and physical health, promote curiosity and exploration, and advocate role play and imaginative games.

Play Radnor is a rural children’s charity that provides quality play, recreational and leisure time opportunities for children and young people in the county of Powys. The charity works with a range of different age groups and required some new sports equipment to enable their children to increase their physical activity levels.

The Coombe Girls Parents and Friends Association is fundraising this year for a selection of additional facilities and equipment which boost physical activity and healthier lifestyles among their pupils. In particular, a new long jump put was needed for the school as it is waterlogged for numerous months in the year and required regular maintenance to make it usable even in the summer months. After hearing this, the JAZZ™ Apple Foundation stepped in to cover the cost of repair and that of a new specialist cover.

Finally, pupils at a primary school in the West Midlands were also celebrating after their school installed a fantastic new playground area. Uplands Manor School in Smethwick contacted the JAZZ™ Apple Foundation at the end of last year as they wanted to encourage their pupils to be more active but were struggling to do so due to inadequate equipment and a lack of funds.

The primary school’s aim was to purchase some trim trail equipment for a new course for their pupils and once the JAZZ™ Apple Foundation heard of this they were more than happy to help with a grant to cover the costs. Roll on a couple of months and the new play area is complete and has become a brilliant area for children to engage in physical activity and improve their motor skills.

The latest awards are exactly the type of organisations the JAZZ™ Apple Foundation was set up to support as not only do they encourage physical exercise but they also involve young people. The JAZZ™ Apple Foundation is always on the lookout for new faces so if you know an organisation or individual who deserves an award then get in touch.

Find out more information by visiting the JAZZ™ Apple Foundation and to download an application form.