The JAZZ™ Apple Foundation ranks were bolstered again this month after it was revealed that 11-year-old Emma Harris was the latest recipient of an award.

Karate-keen Emma began the sport when she was three-years-old and now competes and trains alongside her friends five days a week. And she certainly knows a thing or two about karate too as she’s been chosen to represent England at the European and World Championships in the past, winning bronze, silver and gold medals along the way. Emma certainly isn’t resting on her laurels though and has been selected to be part of the England team to travel to Poland in July, and for next year’s World Championships in Brazil.

Once we heard that Emma was looking for some sponsorship to help cover the costs of her travel, uniform and equipment we were more than happy to step in and help out. She was already a big fan of our award-winning apples before but is also looking to inspire others to follow in her footsteps and get active!

If you want to apply for a JAZZ™ Apple Foundation award or know someone who does, visit the JAZZ™ Apple Foundation page.