Since its launch on June 1st 2014, the JAZZ™ Apple Foundation has handed out over 50 awards, helping over 100 individuals, organisations or causes that are close to you and share our beliefs.

We believe in the importance of nourishing and supporting the next generation of young Brits, encouraging the consumption of an apple a day (JAZZ™ of course!) and a healthy, balanced diet, and believe that sport and physical exercise is vital for a healthy body, mind and soul.

Some of the people and organisations that we have helped over the time have included a budding young skier, a community-led youth football team and even a dance troupe on a remote island in Scotland.

Our most recent awards were handed out to Uplands Manor Primary and the Knowledge Schools Foundation Trust but we’re not finished yet and are still looking for new faces for our Foundation so if you know someone who deserves an award then we want to hear from you.

Find out more information by visiting the JAZZ™ Apple Foundation and to download an application form.