A huge congratulations to our legendary JAZZ™ Apple grower Jeremy Linsell  who won the Inspiration and Leadership award at the Waitrose Farming Conference last month. Jeremy was thrilled to win the award and endorsement from Waitrose but ever the true modest gentleman passed the praised on to his hardworking team.
Jeremy and his talented team have had a busy few months getting our JAZZ™ Apples ready for you and with them being the experts we had to ask him for an update.
Jeremy said:
“The autumn was incredibly kind to us in some ways with some fantastic weather for harvest, meaning our pickers have been working in short sleeves into October. That said, it’s been a bit too kind in places with the drought continuing, which has meant the unusual position of irrigating whilst harvesting.”
“With the JAZZ™ Apple harvest well under way, it’s when we really see the outcome of our season’s work but I always think an orchard’s potential is decided at least two years before it’s planted.  The variety, the planting system, the site, tree density, support structure, pollination and other factors will dictate an orchard’s eventual potential. JAZZ™ seem to have thrived in the hot summer and fruit size is good, sugars look exceptional and some cooler autumn evenings have triggered some great colouring.”
Great news then Jeremy! New season JAZZ™ are coming soon so keep your eyes peeled for them in the supermarkets.