Christmas and New Year have now come and gone and we hope you all had a fantastic time relaxing and celebrating with friends and family. We hope 2019 will be even better for you and all the goals you have set will be achieved.

Christmas is the time of year to indulge in your favourite things and we’d like to think that included a few JAZZ™ Apples too. If like many of us you are now keen to have a healthier January or are even taking part in ‘Veganuary’ then we’re here to help you on your mission. Whether it’s by eating an extra apple a day or by using our extensive recipe page then we have the tools to assist.

We teamed up with the plant-based blogger Elisa from the Happy Skin Kitchen to create some fantastic vegan recipes that are guaranteed to wow your taste buds. Simply head to our recipe page to see for yourself and start your plant-based journey today. The recipes look and taste sensational but also show you the vast amount of ways you’re able to use JAZZ™ Apples in your cooking.

We can’t wait for you try them and would love to hear about other interesting ways you use JAZZ™ Apples in your cooking so get in touch via our social media pages.