We understand that this year may not have gone to plan for most people as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and ensuing lockdowns which is why we’re keen to highlight the JAZZ™ Apple Foundation and how it can offer support through monetary awards to individuals, groups or charitable endeavours in need.

The JAZZ™ Apple Foundation was formed in 2014 and has so far helped over 40 individuals or groups with over £15,000 in awards given out. Causes the JAZZ™ Apple Foundation have helped include building an activity area for a school, providing new equipment for a Scottish dance troupe, sponsorship for people in races, as well as new kits for a host of different sports clubs.

We believe that sport and physical exercise are vital for a healthy body, mind and soul and we know it’s been more difficult for people to enjoy their usual activities. If you know an individual or a group who needs an extra boost and some monetary support to get back on their feet then we want to hear from you. It’s simple to apply for an award too – just download an application form, read the T&Cs and email it back to victoria.cliff@fruitiongp.co.uk.