Although for many apple varieties the UK season may have already come and gone, at JAZZ™ Apple we’re slightly different and you should be able to see our British-grown apples in your supermarkets for a few more weeks yet. And when the glorious UK season does finally come to end, we’ll be replenishing our stocks with delicious JAZZ™ Apples lovingly grown by our friends in New Zealand to make sure there is always plenty available for you and your family.

Under normal circumstances we would showcase our new season apples at the BBC Good Food Show in Birmingham, however as we mentioned in last month’s newsletter the event was, unfortunately, but understandably, postponed due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Although it’s a huge shame to not see so many friendly faces again at the show, we’re sure all our JAZZ™ fans will be rushing to the shops to catch a glimpse and a taste of our latest Southern Hemisphere crop when they become available.

We may be biased over at the JAZZ™ headquarters but we think our apples are pretty special and certainly worthy of their ‘UK’s Tastiest Apple’ title. However, we love to engage and conversate with our fans and always appreciate feedback from our customers. Whether it’s about the taste, price or availability of our apples, or how you like to use them in your recipes at home, get in touch via the contacts page or the JAZZ™ Apple UK social media platforms and have your say. We look forward to hearing from you!