If you’re a keen reader of our monthly newsletter then you may have already seen some articles about our amazing JAZZ™ Apple Foundation awardees and what they’ve been up to but maybe you weren’t aware that we’re always looking for new members to join our club.

The JAZZ™ Apple Foundation launched in 2014 with the simple aim of offering monetary support to people, groups and charitable endeavours that are important to you and share our beliefs.

– We believe in the importance of nourishing and supporting the next generation of young Brits.

– We believe in encouraging the consumption of an apple a day (JAZZ™ of course!) and a healthy, balanced diet.

– We believe that sport and physical exercise is vital for a healthy body, mind and soul.

Since its formation, the Foundation has helped over 50 individuals or organisations and handed out over £10,000 in awards to a range of great causes including aspiring bowls players, cricket clubs and even dancing troupes on remote Scottish islands.

To download an application form and apply for a JAZZ™ Apple Foundation, visit the JAZZ™ Apple Foundation website.