To celebrate the arrival of glorious British-grown JAZZ™ Apples in our supermarkets up and down the country and to highlight the tremendous work our growers put in all year round to grow the ‘UK’s Tastiest Apple’, we’ve launched a fabulous new recipe book featuring 8 recipes from our legendary apple growers.

The recipe book features magical dishes such as Blackberry & JAZZ™ Apple Eve Cake, Honey & Mustard Glazed Pork Chops and a Berry Good Gin & JAZZ™ Apple Juice, and is available to download from the JAZZ™ Apple website for free. It also features a special map of our amazing growers and top tips on how to store your JAZZ™ Apples so they keep their maximum flavour and crunch.

So be sure to click the link and make the most of the delicious British-grown JAZZ™ Apples now available in supermarkets around the UK!