JAZZ is a captivating taste sensation – an apple that says you’ve got good taste.

Whatever mood you’re in, turn life up a little with a tasty JAZZ apple.

How To Look After Your JAZZ Apple

For the ultimate refreshing taste experience, store your JAZZ™ apples in the fridge.


JAZZ™ is perfectly portable – throw it in your gym or handbag or eat straight away. Eat one to supercharge your day!


Taste the difference by using JAZZ™ apples in your cooking, baking, salads or drinks. We personally love them on their own but if you’re looking for some recipe inspiration, check these recipes out.

Jazz Carlin’s JAZZberry Tarts

Peanut Butter Stuffed JAZZ™ Apples

Vegan JAZZ™ Apple and Blackberry Tart

JAZZ™ Apple Rose Tart

JAZZ™ Apple, Leek & Bacon Quiche

JAZZ™ Apple & Lentil Soup with Spiced Croutons

Good for you! JAZZ apples don’t only taste great but have a low GI, and are a source of Vitamin C, fibre and antioxidants.