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JAZZ Apple Taste Profile

If you like tart-sweet, dense and very crunchy apples with effervescent texture, you’re going to love JAZZ™.

JAZZ™ apples came to be when curious growers in New Zealand married the Royal Gala to the Braeburn. Add the Braeburn’s lively zip to the Royal Gala’s sassy sweetness and what do you get? An apple called JAZZ™ … and one that comes by its extra dose of attitude — naturally. JAZZ™ is now available worldwide and is grown in Washington, New Zealand, France and Chile.

For those of you wondering if JAZZ is a frankenapple (in other words, genetically modified)— it’s not.  JAZZ is the product of good genetics and some really busy bees. For many years now, different varieties of fruit have been crossed in order to find varieties that not only taste great but yield more and are disease resistant. JAZZ is simply a cross between a Braeburn and a Royal Gala.


Jazz Apple is teaming up with ! During the month of December $0.20 of every lb of Jazz apples sold go…